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Biomimicking Fiber Platform with Tunable Stiffness to Study Mechanotransduction Reveals Stiffness Enhances Oligodendrocyte Differentiation but Impedes Myelination through YAP-dependent Regulation. Ong, W., N. Marinval, J. Lin, M.H. Nai, Y.-S. Chong, C. Pinese, S. Sajikumar, C.T. Lim, C. ffrench-Constant, M.E. Bechler, and S.Y. Chew. 2020. Small. 16(37): 2003656.

A Neuron-free Microfiber Assay to Assess Myelin Sheath Formation.

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doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9072-6_6

Scaffold-Mediated Sustained, Non-Viral Delivery of miR-219/miR-338 Promotes CNS Remyelination.

Milbreta, U*., J. Lin*, C. Pinese, W. Ong, J.S. Chin, H. Shirahama, R. Mi, A. Williams, M.E. Bechler, J. Wang, C. ffrench-Constant, A. Hoke, and S.Y. Chew. 2019. Mol Ther. 27(2):411-423. 

Microfiber Drug/Gene Delivery Platform for Study of Myelination.

Ong, W., J. Lin, M.E. Bechler, K. Wang, M. Wang, C. ffrench-Constant, and S.Y. Chew. 2018. Acta Biomaterialia. 75:152-160. 

Activin Receptors Regulate the Oligodendrocyte Lineage in Health and Disease.

Dillenburg, A., G. Ireland, R.K. Holloway, C.L. Davies, F.L. Evans, M. Swire, M.E. Bechler, D. Soong, T.J. Yuen, G.H. Su, J.C. Becher, C. Smith, A. Williams, and V.E. Miron. 2018. Acta Nuropathol. 135(6):887-906. 

Intrinsic and Adaptive Myelination – a Sequential Mechanism for Smart Wiring in the Brain.

Bechler, M.E., M. Swire, and C. ffrench-Constant. 2018. Dev Neurobiol. 78(2): 68-79

Reconstitution of Phospholipase A2-Dependent Golgi Membrane Tubules.

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CNS Myelin Sheath Lengths Are an Intrinsic Property of Oligodendrocytes.

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A New Wrap for Neuronal Activity?
Bechler, M.E. and C. ffrench-Constant. 2014. Science. 344(6183): 480-481. 

Gβ1γ2 Activates Phospholipase A2-Dependent Golgi Membrane Tubule Formation.
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PAFAH Ib Phospholipase A2 Subunits Have Distinct Roles in Maintaining Golgi Structure and Function.
Bechler, M.E. and W.J. Brown.  2013. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1831: 595-601.  

A PLA1-2 Punch Regulates the Golgi Complex.  
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The Phospholipase A2 Enzyme Complex PAFAH Ib Mediates Endosomal Membrane Tubule Formation and Trafficking.  
Bechler, M.E., A.M. Doody, K.D. Ha, B.L. Judson, I. Chen, and W.J. Brown. 2011. Mol Biol Cell. 22: 2348–2359. 

The Phospholipase Complex PAFAH Ib Regulates the Functional Organization of the Golgi Complex.

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